Thursday, July 19, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Instagram Version

As you can see, I've been playing around with Instagram. It's kind of fun, I'll admit. The kids debate over which filter looks better for which picture. I don't really have a favorite. Do you? I'm not signed-up to receive feeds or send mine out other than via email to my husband and my mom (maybe a beloved godmother, too). I'm just not comfortable with the way social media apps are constantly pushing us to share every minute of our lives. It's not because they care about us so it must be for profit. I'll hop off my soapbox now. The blog funk continues but it's getting better. I think I might spend some time strolling through my archives and see if that helps.
 She has stolen this Superman pillow away from BigBoy. (Actually, he relinquished it quite joyfully when he first saw her coo and melt all over it.) She calls him "Muh-man" cuz you know... he's her man.
Pretty baby in a mirror! It's a plastic mirror that got stepped on so the crease in the lower middle makes it look like a fun house mirror.

Little girl toy boxes make me very happy!

Why is the high chair so much more interesting when you aren't strapped in to it?

It's not all babies all the time around here, just most of the time. Believe it or not, I took this picture, not my 14 year old son. But I took it for him because he really likes cool cars. It inspired a little bit of a local history lesson the other day when I mentioned to The Professor that our neighborhood was built on the remains of an old drag strip. According to my Dad, who was actually here as part of a team back in the 1960's for different competitions, we live on the side of "Shut Down Hill". That's the hill that made all the drivers pray they'd slow down before hitting otherwise I think there was a chance they'd find themselves launched. We actually found old videos of a race on YouTube. My Dad thinks he might have been here for the one that was filmed. He remembers a lot of the cars (which is pretty remarkable since he has trouble remembering my birthday most years : ).


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  1. Nice post! That is one adorable baby girl you've got there. I will have to show Ian that car!

  2. Replies
    1. The footage wasn't that great and it looked liked it was pretty spliced together. We did have fun watching lots of other better filmed drag races! Here's one with a spectacular crash (and a somewhat cheesy narrator).

  3. That is a cool car. I use the Amaro filter for every single picture. That is partly because I do share my photos and I like continuity in my stream. Also, I just like it the best. ;)

  4. The story behind the Superman pillow? Heart melting...sooooo cute and sweet.

  5. Very cool car. Cupcake is adorable, as always!

  6. I just love your Cupcake pictures. So sweet of big brother to give her his Superman pillow because she liked it. Very chivalrous!


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