Monday, September 3, 2012

A Happy Firsts Party!

On Sunday, we celebrated Cupcake's first birthday and Bigboy's First Holy Communion. He received this wonderful sacrament from the hands of the priest who baptized him and for whom he is named. It was a very exciting (and emotional) day (for Mommy). 

Here they are, 8 years ago, at Bigboy's Baptism and then after Mass on Sunday. 
Why do kids grow so fast?

Our two celebrants!
Those eyes... they melt me!
Green or brown? We still aren't sure which way her eyes are going to go.

 Cake inspired by Jessica's daughters' cake. He wanted blue roses in honor of Our Lady.

 We had our in town family over to the house for a luncheon of BBQ pork sandwiches, PB&Js for the littles, potato salad, fruit slaw and cake.

 I made a backdrop for the cake table using a piece of muslin I had in my stash and some pretty scrapbook paper.

 The party was primarily celebrating Bigboy's First Holy Communion but I did set out Cupcake's little cake so that her special day wasn't forgotten.

We also made cupcake pops for the cousins to take home as a little treat.

 She changed out her the lovely dress that Baby Matthew's mommy made for her and ...

into the party dress her dear Godparents sent.

 And then later on, after a much needed nap when the party was over, she changed out of everything but a diaper and a bib and enjoyed her teeny tiny birthday cake with a teeny tiny cupcake on top. Jessica found this idea and pinned it on Pinterest. It's an upside down mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup frosted to look like a cupcake. A sweet tribute to our teeny tiny little Cupcake girl!


  1. lovely celebration! i especially like the simplicity of your joyous party.

    1. in regards to cupcake's eyes, my 5 year old still has his mixed eyes. they seem to rotate color on a daily basis.

  2. Truly a blessed and beautiful day, on so many levels! I love the way that you combined the events and wish I could have been there to give hugs & snack on all those goodies.

    PS. Has it really been a year since Cupcake was born? I remember waiting anxiously for news of her (and your) well-being...and finally appeasing my worry by calling your house. It was worth it to hear your mother's lovely southern accent!:)

  3. What a lovely day! We love to combine celebrations- it makes it twice as special for BOTH participants :)

  4. I have loved seeing all the pictures, and so wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all!

    Happy Birthday, sweet little Cupcake! And Congratulations, Bigboy!! What a special day for you both!

  5. Happy Firsts all around! Great memories you made!

  6. PS Faith was my first non- brown-eyed baby. Hers are hazel tending toward green and gold.

  7. Happy First Birthday to Cupcake and Happy First Holy Communion to her big brother!! I am so glad her dress fit! I agree, pink is great!

  8. Happy birthday, Cupcake!! Oh, I still have her gift sitting here. I knew it was an Emily dress. Congratulations to BigBoy on his First Holy Communion. How wonderful.

  9. Congratulations to your little man on receiving the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist! What a special day. Loved the baptism pictures as well. Did you show your priest friend the photos? And what a big girl now. I CANNOT believe she celebrated her first birthday. She is so precious and one can see how much joy she brings to your family. What a blessed weekend you had!


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