Thursday, September 13, 2012

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 These flowers are from BigBoy's First Holy Communion party. Some of them have withered but most of them are still going strong!

When we rearranged the girls' room, we unbunked their beds which meant that they no longer had room  for their dollhouse bookcase. I let them give it a couple of coats of paint and give it to their baby sister. They had so much fun happily painting away.


 Even BigBoy got in on the action. He's such a funny boy! Notice the non-Instagram shots? Yeah, that's because Cupcake wasn't in the room. She still goes nuts when she sees my camera! My SIL joked that we should make her a onesie that says "All your gadgets are belong to me!"

And speaking of my little Cupcake, who has a little Napoleon hairstyle going on in this shot...

She was playing peekaboo with me and had just pulled a blanket off her head. Her little personality is coming out by leaps and bounds right now. She has been enjoying some old Blues Clues episodes that her big kids once enjoyed and has started saying "Bye, Steve!" to all of us when she thinks we are going somewhere. Just when we think she can't possibly get any cuter...

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