Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Eve of All Hallows!

Just when I thought we were over this blankety blank illness, Cupcake is now sick. She has a fever so our plans are extremely low key. We will play some old standby games and send the big kids off to the vigil Mass while I stay home with the little one thanking the good Lord for inventions like this thermoscan thermometer and for husbands who bring one home on their lunch break. It is a blessing to the momma of a sick baby who won't let a regular thermometer come within 5 feet of her armpit or anywhere else! 

But, for the sake of my other little one, BigBoy, I can't just ignore the day completely, no matter how much I'd like to hide under the covers with my little Cupcake and not come out until everyone is all better! So, Jessica helped my come up with a saintly meal honoring each of the saints my children are honoring on the eve of this great feast.

St. Zita's Baked Ziti 
(to be made later)

St. Cosmas and Damian's Deviled Eggs 

St. Thomas More's Garlic Bread
(The axe, not the toothbrush, is a symbol of St. Thomas. Didn't want to confuse anyone!)

St. Francis Tonsure Cakes
(GF pumpkin donuts with chocolate frosting)

St. Rafqa's Purple Rose Punch
(really it's just Rain Berry Gatorade and it looks more purple in person)



  1. prayers for a peaceful evening in doors and a speedy recovery for your sweet cupcake.

    Happy All Hallows' Eve!

  2. Charlotte, my DH saw this post, complete with the "pumpkin eggs," and said: "How is she *not* an Internet sensation?"


  3. I had to pin those pumpkins! So cute, I think they might adorn our Thanksgiving table!

    1. Amy, I just used a little red and yellow food coloring along with some paprika to make the filling orange.


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