Thursday, October 25, 2012

{p,h,f,r} End of October

 My Guadalupe Roses are also blooming like crazy because of the warmer temps. Things are supposed to get much colder tonight so I might go clip them and bring them inside.

Happy that my kids are all finished with their meds and happy to have this illness behind us! Those of you in the DFW area, watch out. It's a nasty one and it's going around.

The big kids are wearing their T-shirts but  BigBoy and Cupcake are still dressing up for All Hallows Eve. I made this little apron for Cupcake to be St. Zita. Isn't it cute? Now, we just need to see if she'll actually wear it!

This is a weird picture, but I can't stop admiring the fresh coat of paint inside Cupcake's closet. When I painted her room, I didn't paint the inside of the closet but I knew I wanted to before we replaced the flooring because painting on yucky carpet is so much easier than painting on new carpet. Yesterday, Shortcake and I tackled it. It's not the most professional job, but it's done. And it's clean. And it's not yellowed anymore!

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  1. i love, love, love... cupcakes costume. did you make the broom?

    1. No, actually... it's a dog toy. I bought it new so it's never been used as a dog toy.

  2. Just as Clementine finished her meds....Stan the man went on his ;( The poor boy.

  3. That rose is... unreal! So perfect!
    And I feel your joy at the painted closet. Truly truly. :)

  4. Oh my! Those rose shots are gorgeous!


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