Thursday, November 29, 2012

Colorable Jesse Tree Symbols

My SIL is embarking on a project for Advent. She's written some reflections based on a Jesse Tree that we both have versions of, made by the same sweet Sister sister-in-law. Our little felt figures are looking pretty worn so that's why have found other Jesse Trees to use in years past. We don't want it to wear out too soon. We like to give it a break every now and then. Well, I made some colorable symbols to go along with her reflections and I'm offering them there and here for anyone who just can't pull off the craftier ones and just wants something simple:

(These are the first 12 symbols. I'll get to the rest later. This Jesse Tree always starts Dec. 1.)
And if you want pre-colored ones, you can click here:

Again, she's posting the readings and reflections to go with these symbols at her blog. You can find the first two here:

Jesse Tree Reflections 1&2

Happy (almost) Advent!

UPDATE: Page 2 & 3 of the symbols can be found here.


  1. Very nice, Charlotte! I always love your illustrations... So cute!

  2. A Jesse Tree is a wonderful way to keep Christ the center of family Christmas celebrations.

    See my Jesse Tree Ornaments here:

  3. Charlotte, love this! Please make us all a book someday with all your lovely art work. My grandchildren will love it! Me too! :)


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