Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have been so absent here. I'm sorry. We've had another round of illness that started with that sore throat I had back on The Professor's birthday. Apparently that turned into a sinus infection followed by a flu-like something. Fun....right? And of course, it wasn't just me, it went through everyone including my little Cupcake who spiked a high fever and pulled a Linda Blair in the bathroom as her opening act. It's been a wild ride and it's not completely over yet. Sean thinks he's got a sinus infection now. Great.

This has been a bad year for illness. And in my less sane moments, I might be tempted to worry that our house was making us sick or that our diet had been compromised. But frankly, I think everyone just has a bad year now and then. Prior to this season of illness, we hadn't seen our pediatrician in a few years except for well checks (and we are bad about those anyway). These years just happen and from what I've been seeing on FB, it's happening all over the place. We are not the only ones. That keeps me sane.
That... and chocolate.

Here's hoping it's a much more healthy spring.


  1. I will remember your family in my prayers. I do think some years are worse than others for "all that." Last year we had a mild winter and illness was nutso. This year it's been nice and cold and (I am seriously knocking on wood) we've had fewer than our normal sicknesses, especially considering all the doctor's offices I have been visiting for non-communicable illness. I think the cold kills the germs and I am praying it killed a lot of bugs as well.

    Come to Ohio, my dear!

    1. Barbara, I think you are right. Our best years were our coldest years. Plus, I think a mild winter means a tougher allergy season which makes the regular colds even worse. We've got stuff blooming here already and I know that's part of what contributed to my sinus problems. Thank you for the prayers!

  2. We will continue to pray for you all, as you recover! It's been such a rough year for your family! And, yes, we all have years like that - ours was last year, with pneumonia, liver issues, and all sorts of crazy random things...

    Plus, you have to get better since our visits are one of the things that keeps me sane! ;)

  3. It's the same at our house and my blog although more from too busy a life than illness. I hope to be bac to blogging soon. so much to post, I may just have to do a mega year in review post. hope you all get better soon.

  4. 2009-2010 winter was brutal for us. Yep- it's a gamble every year! Here's to hoping you all feel much better soon. Imagine how nice it will be to see SPRING! :)

  5. Jan 2012 - Dec 2012 was our year for illness. I do not envy you. You and your family will be lifted up in prayer and I will pray especially hard during my adoration hours for your gang. Hang in there! BTW, would you be mad if I said your sarcasm had me in stitches? :)

  6. Aw, hope you're all healed SOON! We've had a rough year last year and this year. It seems like so many people have been sick this year!

  7. Oh dear. Praying you all get better soon.

  8. We've had a year like that too. I lost the end of January and most of this month battling the flu. Hubby had it too. Praying that your family will soon be well and spring will come!


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