Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Pink Paris Birthday

Our back-to-back birthday extravaganza was this past Friday and Saturday.  Here is the first of the recaps:
After watching Audrey Hepburn charm her way into Humphrey Bogart's heart, Sunshine asked for a Pink Paris birthday party for her 14th birthday (with a nod to Miss Audrey). She asked if we could make t-shirts (which has become a tradition), do a little shopping and have lunch at a bistro in an antique store. We also watched the remake of Sabrina {affiliate linkto compare the two. (I actually like the remake better than the original. I think they did a better job of fleshing out the characters and showing you the transition from infatuation to real love for both Sabrina and David, but just so you know, it is more "grown-up" and we skipped over certain scenes. I have notes on which scenes we skipped. If anyone wants those, email me.)
All things were accomplished... with style!
We started the day with chocolate croissants and café au lait for breakfast.
 A chocolate muffin for Cupcake.
You can see some of the decorations in the background. I found a pretty poster of Paris in 1909 {affiliate link} and used some pictures of Audrey from this calendar {affiliate linkalong with some other pictures I found and posters I made on the computer. I used black card stock to make corner pieces to give the impression of an old fashioned photo album.
For the table, we used some really cute books and this paper Paris city scene provided by Made by Joel along with some fun fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. The birthday girl has plans to sew something cute with it.

 This tiny little book expands in an accordion style 3D cityscape of Paris {affiliate linkand made a great table decoration. We added some Paris scented lotion, hand sanitizer, body spray and an Eiffel Tower air freshener for her closet.
Charlotte in Paris (tee hee!) {affiliate linkwas another fun little book that Jessica brought to my attention along with E is for Eiffel Tower {affiliate link}. They also made for some fun decorations.
After our girlie outings and movie watching, we made croque-monsieurs for dinner and served them with...french fries. What is a "Mister Crunchy", you ask? It's basically a fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich that can be found in French cafe's.
For her cake, she asked for a small bundt cake from our favorite bundt cake bakery. They put a pretty ribbon on top and I made the cards.

It was a lot of fun and she had a blast. I will post about the super easy, super cool t-shirts we decorated later. And even though it was a very girlie affair, the boys still found a way to have some fun!


  1. Gorgeous! You have such a gift for putting these together. You children will treasure the memories of these birthdays all their lives.

    1. Thank you, Melanie. It's something I really enjoy doing!

  2. I love it all!!! It all came together perfectly, Charlotte!

    Happy Birthday Sunshine! You are such a beautiful young lady!! I can't wait to see what you create with that fun fabric!

    And now I want to go pull out my old VHS copy of Sabrina (the remake) to watch! ;)

    1. Uh oh... do I need to call your husband to apologize? ;) It is a funny movie though. My Sean thinks it's ok.

  3. darling celebration for a beautiful young lady. prayers for a blessed 14th year.
    i love how you make each birthday kid such a special but simple family celebration. i really need to get better with this. thanks for the inspiration. ;)
    ad Jesum per Mariam,

  4. Such a fun birthday! I'm always amazed by the thought and effort you put into planning each party. You're making memories that will be treasured forever.

  5. I love the remake better also. Might need those notes though...Haven't watched it in a long time. (but watched it several times years and years ago.)

    Happy birthday and God bless your sweet daughter! Your party turned out wonderful as usual!!

  6. so adorable and chic!! I loved it. I would have loved to come have had or gone to a party like that when I was 14 or even now. Perfect. Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

  7. Oh wow!!!! It looks great, Charlotte! I can't think enough how absolutely perfect the theme was for your sweet young lady!


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