Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sew Successful!

My girls, along with another sweet friend, are taking a couple of sewing classes. I'm really hoping they learn the proper way to sew, then they can teach me! I learned to sew for the theater with lots of shortcuts and jimmy-rigging. It's served me well when I've needed it, but I wish I knew more about proper sewing techniques.

Anyway, their first project was a pillowcase with a little accent color at the opening. They picked out their colors and everything. Sunshine's had a vintagey vibe while Shortcake's was more fantastical. Aren't they adorable? The pillow cases, too!



  1. Very impressive Charlotte! Your girls have a great future of design in front of them if they so choose! I wish I had paid more attention in our home ec class way back in the day. I enjoyed the cooking portion but not so much the sewing. And my mom and grandmother were both sewers but that gene must have skipped over me. Now I just admire other's talents :)

  2. Wow! What fun pillowcases! Great job girls!!!

  3. Lovely. They could open an etsy shop now!

  4. Very pretty. And another couple of crafters are born!

  5. Love those prints! Those are gorgeous pillowcases.


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