Thursday, June 13, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Front porch edition


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Our last Gerbera daisy for this year, I think. I need to plant more of these. This one was planted by the original owners and it comes back every year. I just love them!

My three girlie-girls sitting on the front porch, having a chat! This makes me very happy. 
 Cupcake was told she had to stay on the step while Daddy was working outside. This picture is totally her trying to see just what constituted "on the step". Does hovering one bum cheek count, Mommy?

 Miss Cupcake decided she needed a "nogurt" while she was waiting patiently on the step which she insisted on eating "by self"... hence the blue goo smeared all over her mouth. I'm telling myself it brings out the green in her eyes.

And here is where she realizes that her sister put a flower (a cowpen daisy) behind her ear...

Yeah... like all hair accessories and didn't last long. Sure was cute though... for 2.5 seconds.


  1. She is super cute! I also love catching my older ones chatting, warms my heart.

  2. Love that baby!

    Posy really likes hair accessories. We're just figuring this out; I think she wants to be like her sisters!

  3. So sweet. Your girls are all beautiful and it sure looks like they love to be together. I like the hovering picture. So typical of that age! :-)

  4. Cowpen daisy! We have a bunch of those coming up besides the house and I didn't know what they were.
    Thank you.
    Oh and Miss Cupcake is adorable.

  5. I was just going to say...she's keeping the flower in her hair!! LOL LOVE the photo of her trying real hard to stay seated on the front step :) BTW, yes, we must get together for pizza!


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