Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Survey from Sunshine

My sweet Sunshine is working on a project for her math and would like some help. There is a question for knitters/crocheters and one for non-knitters/crocheters although if any knitters/crocheters wanted to answer both, please feel free!

1) If you are a knitter/crocheter, what fiber would you be most likely to create with?

a. Wool
b. Alpaca
c. Bamboo
d. Cashmere
e. Cotton
f. Silk 

2) If you were to purchase a hand knitted/crocheted item which product would you be most interested in:

a. Sweater or Cardigan
b. Hat
c. Baby Clothes
d. Socks
e. Shawl or Wrap
f. Mittens or gloves
g. Scarf
h. Bag
i. Pillow
j. Blanket

Just leave you comment in the combox. Anonymous comments are allowed. Thank you so much for your help!


  1. 1. C: I'm a big fan of bamboo
    2. E

  2. Hi from Minnesota, Sunshine! My answers are 1. Whatever Miss Jennifer recommends and 2. A (especially the tee-tiny versions!)

  3. I choose A for both! I'm too intimidated to knit my own sweater!

  4. 1) a, though I usually end up using a wool blend (wool/silk was nice!) for many things too.

  5. 1) e (though I have a lot more of a in my stash)
    2) d (very d. I'm low on socks!)

  6. I'm not a knitter or a crocheter but if I were to buy something, I would probably buy either a scarf for myself or a baby blanket as a gift. Hope this helps! :)

  7. Though I love to use real wool and sometimes treat myself to real wool... Never tried any of the other materials. But as lovely as it is it real wool tends to shrink and can be expensive so I generally buy yarn from the 99 cent store or Michaels... Not as nice but what my Mom always used for her knitting and crocheting in the USA. Not what she used growing up in Newfoundland... Mom made tons of afghans, though I seem to lean towards baby blankets, shrugs or shawls...

  8. 1) I am not a knitter
    2) Scarf I love them so much!

  9. I crochet. I like cotton and would buy b. &j.

  10. I usually use acrylic, but from the choices given, I would try b. alpaca. For the second question, e. shawl or wrap. BTW, I crochet.

  11. 1. E cotton
    2. C baby clothes

    Good luck, Sunshine!

  12. 1. Cashmere if I could afford it;)
    2. A shawl or wrap

  13. 1. Wool - I love knitting with wool!
    2. I'm kind of split - I would love a wrap for winter for me, but I adore knitted baby/toddler clothes.

  14. 1. b - alpaca
    2. a - cardigan

  15. This is hard. I would most likely purchase the bamboo or cashmere. I would most like to receive a hand knit wrap/shawl.

  16. Right now: E, C (Cotton & Baby Clothes)
    Normally: A, D (Wool & Socks)

  17. I am both a knitter & crocheter. I prefer to work in wool, but have used all the others except bamboo. If I were to purchase a knitted/crocheted item, it would probably be socks because I dislike making them myself.

  18. I knit, and I guess the fiber question depends on what I am making, but to answer the question, most of the time I work with wool. If I were buying, it would be a blanket or throw, because those take too long to make myself (I bore easily).

  19. We have three votes for this comment! :)

    First voter:

    1. E

    2. F

    Second voter:

    1. F.

    2. H

    Third voter:

    1. E

    2. H

  20. I would purchase a cardigan or sweater and second choice would be baby clothes, especially those adorable baby hats!

  21. I choose E for what I would purchase. (I've actually had my eyes on this one! Love it!!)

    1. Though I am always very interested in baby hats and blankets too! :)

  22. 1. E and 2. E, although I'm reluctant to BUY something made because I always think I could make it myself.

  23. I am a crocheter.

    I would choose
    2. bag


  24. well, I have to be different and go out of the box: I almost always create in generic acrylic yarn, but if I had money, I would definitely go with BAMBOO!

    If I had the opportunity to have someone else create for me, most definitely SOCKS (haven't mastered that yet)

    sounds like a neat assignment - looking forward to seeing the totals

  25. I'm a knitter.

    1. Wool

    2. F-- I would love a pair and mittens! I haven't knitted mittens and I don't think I would get around to it!


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