Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 7

Lesson learned:

I don't like blogging everyday. I did enjoy the challenge, but I don't like blogging when I feel like I have to. I have always looked at this blog as first and foremost an archive, a digital memory book for my family and seeing how I've caught my children looking through the archives on occasion just for fun I say, "Mission Accomplished!" (Now, get back to your math, sweeties!) Blogs have changed tremendously in the time since I first began, but for me, it still feels the same.

Anyway, the 7 in 7 challenge is over now. If you did it, what did you learn from it? About yourself? About your blogging style? If you were a reader of blogs doing the challenge, what did you think? I'm just curious, you know?

Day 7 of the 7 in 7 blogging challenge!


  1. I did it, generated some fluff posts, and agree with you: I don't like blogging when it feels forced. I think it was a good exercise. Your St. Anne and St. Joachim minis are precious and the cake looked delicious.

  2. Charlotte
    I'm intrigued by your comment " Blogs have changed tremendously in the time since I first began" I'd love to know your thoughts. I've also felt this, okay my observation (going to be bold and share public here) I feel the mega bloggers (still can't give a definition of when one becomes a mega blogger) have lost something, I understand they perhaps feel more of a need for privacy to protect growing children, but in the process they have lost alot of their authenticity, their realness. I rarely read any of the popular mega bloggers anymore for that reason. I like realness, a real slice of life. Do I make sense?

    Okay 7 posts in 7 days- I cheated;) I did write 7 posts but a couple of days I wrote 2 and backdated one of them so it looks like I wrote each day. It did say 7 in 7 days which I did do;) 7 posts was too much, but I did learn I could easily pick up my blogging pace more than I do. And I did find I wasted less time on the internet because I was more focused and still wanted to stick to my time limits.
    and reading your posts I would say you found the same as me, you had depth posts and light posts, though I liked your light posts I suspect they were ones that you wouldn't have made time for normally. (like the cake as you shared)

  3. I participated in the 7 in 7 challenge, and I found it a mixed bag. I enjoy writing, but I agree, writing because I "have to" wasn't as pleasurable. And writing everyday was just hard, because of time constraints. My day 7 post actually addressed this topic as well. Check it out if you care for a slightly more in-depth version of my thoughts on the subject.

    Thanks for all your lovely posts!

  4. I did not participate, but agree with you. I didn't want to even do it because I like to do it when I want to, not when I have to. It's my blog and I'm picky like that. (haha) I had a hard time reading all the posts that were up, I like them all on different days, it spreads them out for busy mamas!

  5. I tried but still missed one day. It's just my life right now, even on summer hours. And no, nothing is entirely enjoyable when you HAVE to do it.

    I do think blogging has changed tremendously in the last few years. I've been doing it for 9 years and it has definitely lost the friendliness, the camaraderie. Do you remember the carnivals of loveliness (I think that's what they were) or any carnivals in general? We do have linkups, but not the same as one person introducing a bunch of posts. So many people have moved to FB, and I see them there, but it's not the same thing. Not only are the posts shorter, the feed is immediate and then lost. If I don't check Feedly for a few weeks, the links are still there. If I don't check FB for a few days, I can never catch up.

    1. Michelle
      I agree the camaraderie isn't as obvious, it still is there in some blogs though. I loved the Carnivals of Loveliness, why don't you start one:)

  6. I hadn't blogged in months and decided to do the challenge. I liked realized I did have something to say...may not have been interesting to all...but it still came out. AND though because I hadn't blogged in a long time, that may have made it easier because I did some "update" and "recap" type posts. So, that may have skewed the pool of topics for me, kwim?

    I liked reading everyone else's...I think I saw some mixed bag posts, which were good. Forced some to not just blog about great wonderful ideas, which are awesome...or just about philosophical posts, which are nice too...but made some just post "look what we did today" type post, like you got to know some people too. Again kwim?

  7. I agree, the pressure was not so good. You can see it on my Saturday post for sure, lol. Sunday wasn't as good as I wanted it to be either since I felt rushed. But it did remind me what I liked about blogging and maybe I will post more because of it... in fact I posted again today, lol.


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