Thursday, July 18, 2013

{phfr} Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


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Please pray for Sarah and Dwija today. One mother is bringing her sons into this world and the other has already brought her son into eternal life. Bless and comfort them both, dear Lord.

We celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with some yummy caramel dip and apple slices. With all the orthodontia in this house, we didn't dare risk something stickier.

Cucpake is always happy at her color table with her "Cway-ons".

She's a total mess! Spaghetti sauce everywhere and on top of that... and mint chocolate chip ice cream bar that she insisted she would hold all by herself! She went straight into the tub after she was done.

Photobombers: Cupcake and a puppy butt
Baby UPDATE: Sarah's boys are here!


  1. Ahhh little cupcake. What a precious one she is. I do miss those days of messy faces and baths immediately.
    We used to say our youngest got more on him than in his mouth until he was about five!

  2. Cupcake is such a cutie!

    Your couch looks great! You inspired me to pull off all the covers on my outdoor furniture to wash. The spots had been getting to me for a long time. Now they look brand new! :)


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