Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Final hours!!!

Here is your last chance to say you backed the most successful children's show campaign in Kickstarter history! Episode 6 is 50% funded! The original goal was only Episodes 2 & 3! Whoo hoo! Rachel and her family have been doing amazing things during this campaign... including attending her oldest daughter's wedding! If you don't know Laura's story, you can read it here. Rachel says that Laura is the reason she started writing songs! What a gift Laura has been!!! Rachel Coleman... mom, birth mom, Emmy nominated, ROCKSTAR!

They were such babies!

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  1. Even though I've never met Rachel, I love her dearly! She has blessed our family so much over the years, from the songs to the signs to the DVDs that we check out over & over & over again. She IS a rockstar.

    Thanks for the reminder to donate, Charlotte. I will do my best to get over there, in between the vigil Mass and making a birthday cake for my baby's 16th!


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