Thursday, August 1, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Outside in July!!!


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The weather has been so pretty these past few mornings when we've gone to drop off The Professor for his last week of work. There is a little park next to where he's working that we just had to stop and explore. This is a rarity for us at the end of July! With a heat index of +9 or +10, even the early morning hours don't feel that cool but this week has been an exception.
Well, her shirt says she's happy but she wasn't really until she got in the swing. In fact, putting it on her amidst the yelling and crying and trying to escape before we left The Professor commented that it was "So Ironic". That made me laugh.

Look! Proof that I have other kids! And proof that I let them dress themselves. Stripes and plaids and TARDIS blue tennis shoes with aqua colored laces! That's my BigBoy!

What is this thing? I couldn't decide if it was scary or pretty. I guess it all depends on whether that thing is a tail or a stinger. Any ideas?


  1. That cute little yellow bug is a mayfly. We had one sitting on our window screen just the other day.

    Texas A & M has an interesting little page on them:

    I love Cupcake’s shirt in the first picture! :)

  2. As far as the clothes, we are only young once, right? And I am not sure, but I think I might want a pair of Tardis blue shoes with aqua laces. He might be starting something...

  3. Oh and the bug is scary. I am pretending I didn't see it.

  4. Your happy picture made me laugh. The bug looks scary. I think I would have opted to run rather than take a picture. LOL!


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