Thursday, August 22, 2013

{phfr} Worms 3D


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My pretty girls... playing with worms. It was for their science, but they kind of had fun with them too!

Happy that we were able to find some the local bait shop. How lame is that? We tried digging for some in the yard. No luck. Maybe it's the heat and we just didn't dig far enough down? Maybe that's why our yard looks so bad? This might be the year I finally let Sean till it all up and start over.

Yes, they really did play with them (with gloves on because ewwww... slimy worms!). Here were just some of the funny things I overheard...

"I want to hold as many worms as I can in one hand!"

"Don't name it! You'll get attached."

"They are kind of cute in a creepy, slimy kind of way."

This little missy has been a real handful lately! It's not her fault. She has these giant, hard, pointy things pushing up through her gums and she just can't stand it sometimes. Cold apples and frozen fruit bars help but not for long. Two year molars are no fun for anyone.


  1. Lol...@ the "Don't name it. You'll get attached!". Would they dissect them if asked to? That's when my stomach flips over a few times!

    1. Oh, good golly NO! Thankfully, they were only being asked to observe them.

  2. EEewwwww. Almost every Sunday on the way home from Mass we stop at this teeny, tiny bait shop/sewing alteration shop...I know, how funny is that! Anyway we stop so my husband and sons can buy worms to fish Sunday afternoon with.

    Oh poor teething baby...poor teething baby momma, lol!

    3-2-1 Party

  3. We did worm observation last year and Faith remembered when Ramona Quimby wore hers as a ring, and of course she did it, too!

    How about frozen green peas? At least they are nutritious and they taste pretty good frozen. Or a frozen banana on a stick?

    1. Oh wow... your girl is brave! Cupcake likes peas but I haven't tried them frozen. We have been giving her frozen banana "ice cream". She really grooves on the BlueBell fruit bars best. She has to have one when she wakes up from her nap.

  4. I have read that people swear by those amber necklaces. I plan to try that for our new baby when the time comes.

  5. I, too, love the comment about not naming the worm because you'll become attached. Girls!!! How funny they can be.

    Teething is no fun. My little granddaughter is getting her first set of molars and no happier than Cupcake.


  6. Worms! GROSS! lol

    Poor little Cupcake. We are going through the same thign here. Tiger is also getting some of his front ones too. Not fun.

  7. I'm quite new to your blog but wanted to say how much I love reading it.

    Also commenting for the first time because I wanted to second the amber necklaces. It was like night and day for my youngest when I put it on. Happier, slept better, ate better. I was very grateful!


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