Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WWRW (on Wednesday!!!)

I started writing this post yesterday before I remembered what today was. Let me just preface this by saying that what we are reading today is first of all... a prayer for peace written by our beloved Pope John Paul II and then this sweet little book {affiliate link}. We read it every year and every year my kids turn their eyes from the last pages to my face as my voice cracks and betrays the grief that it always does.


Look at me! I'm all on time and everything! I really do love this link up of Jessica T.'s because it has kicked my backside gotten me back into a reading groove. So what did I read this week?
I told you that I paused my Jane Austen marathon to dive into Percy Jackson (which btw... if you haven't read the combox you might want to...good stuff!) What I discovered when I cracked open Sense and Sensibility {affiliate linklast week was... I've never read this one! All this time I thought Mansfield Park was the only one I hadn't read and then I discover this! 
Have you ever seen the movie and then convinced yourself that you had read the book.  I think that's what might have happened here. (I blame it on Alan Rickman! That man's voice is amazing!) Either that or I have completely forgotten reading it. Which is also entirely possible. Maybe I read it while being highly distracted because there were things I read this time around that definitely stood out in my mind that I don't remember ever noticing before. Like how uneducated Lucy Steele is. (I also didn't remember her having an obnoxious sister.) I know that in the movie they said she was poor and they kind of left you wondering if she was really naive or sly and cunning (I thought she was cunning... making sure Edward's handkerchief was right in front of Elinor's face when she blew her nose) but in the original, there really is no doubt about it. But what surprised me the most was the poor grammar in her speech! And her sister! I was kind of disappointed that she wasn't included in the movie. She and Lucy were set in perfect juxtaposition to Elinor and Marianne!

I don't really feel the need to go into more detail about this book because of course, everyone has already read it right? Or maybe you just think you have...

Curious George is at the top of Cupcake's WWRE (Everyday) pile. The Ice Cream Surprise {affiliate linkbeing her hands down favorite! But yes, she also has the BabyLit version of Sense and Sensibility {affiliate link}

She gives Colonel Brandon kisses on his "sad" page and whispers quietly on the "quiet" page. It's adorable! Considering the difference between Elinor and Marianne, how incredibly appropriate that this one is an opposites primer!

And of course, we are reading lots of books about the love of her life right now...
Kipper the Dog!
{affiliate link}

I'm very sorry if anyone else in our area has tried to check one of these out from our library because I think we have them all right now.

OK... whew. Back to the rest of the week! Have a good one!


  1. You mentioned Kipper before and my library only has one book, :( but lots of DVDs. I'm going to invest in some of yours and Sarah Marie's board book suggestions this week.
    Alan Rickman: swoon!

    1. Kipper and Roly is probably her favorite along with Kipper's Toybox. I thought she'd like the A to Z book more than she did since she is a big fan of other ABC books. Kipper's Birthday was fun to read on her birthday. Kipper's Snowy Day did not impress, maybe because we don't have snowy days here.

  2. 3 days ago I bought 3 of Jane Austen's books. I was very curious to see what you love about them.
    I read all the Percy Jackson books..not the Egyptian series..and LOVED them. Easy to read.

    I started Pride and Prejudice and it is so hard to read! maybe my mind is percyjacksonmush.

  3. Well, I'd call that a happy accident! I love Sense and Sensibility - I love how both Marianne and Elinor both have qualities and flaws I see in myself. It makes me love them more!


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