Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WWRW: Picture books

I'm reading lots of picture books to Cupcake right now so I wanted to share some great finds from the library. (These are not necessarily the books she's interested in, just some books that I found and the other kids have enjoyed.) {with affiliate links, but you probably already knew that…}

Someone online recommended this and my kids can't thank you enough, whoever you are! Shortcake and BigBoy are on a poetry kick right now and this book delighted them tremendously. I've been hearing them read poems out loud for a few days and I love it.

This is a delightful biography of Henri Matisse for younger kids. The illustrations are fun and entertaining and colorful, of course. Very basic biography, perfect for the younger crowd.

This is one that I might want to add to our library. It's beautiful and so informative but it still maintains it's picture book vibe (as opposed to feeling like a science book). BigBoy is sitting on my bed reading it right now because it caught his eye. I'm on a hunt to find the other titles in this series.

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  1. Those last two are going on my "look for" list!

  2. We've checked out the seed and egg books from the library. They are very lovely indeed. I didn't know there were more in the series. We will definitely have to track down the rock and butterfly ones.

  3. Those look wonderful!


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