Sunday, December 1, 2013

I. Love. Advent!

I really do. I know you do too, right? Even if you don't like the stress or the increased activity, you probably love Advent the Season, right? You know that those things that you think add to your stress are all optional. Advent wreaths, Jesse Trees, gift-wrapped picture books, mantle decorations… it's all totally optional. I posted a link to Jennifer's insightful post on FB along with this comment and wanted to share it here too:

"So...pray about your season of life. Choose simply and wisely. Do not compare your family, your needs, organizational skills, abilities, or your crafting skills to others, but rather, take joy in choosing ideas that work for you and your family."

Wise words! Might I also add... don't make anyone who is in a different season feel bad about the choices they make that work for their family.

So, just as reminder, anything you see here is what we've chosen that works for our family right now in this season of life. The first thing I did is ask my kids what traditions were important to them. They told me which feast days, which activities, which special little efforts really made it seem wonderful to them. It's amazing what your children will let you know when you just ask them.

The first thing that was a necessary choice this year was a hanging Advent Wreath. We've made them before and realized this year needed to be one of those years again once we realized how fascinated Miss Cupcake is with candles {affiliate linkof all shape and size. To make this super easy, I used *a candle chandelier {affiliate link}that I purchased from Amazon several years ago and had stored away in the garage thinking that it would make an easy hanging Advent Wreath someday. Boy, did it ever! I added the candles and then cut some long branches off our gardenia bush and simply laid them on top  of the chandelier's scrolls. Done. I will have the girls go out, cut some more and replenish them once a week or so.

*Since the one I have is not longer available, you might try one of these {affiliate links}

I wasn't going to wrap our picture books this year but decided that Cupcake would probably love it, so I did.

I also decorated the mantle but need some lights before I can take a picture of it. And I have a list going of what I need to accomplish for those feast days coming up because with Advent starting so late, you just know December is going to fly by! So, Happy Advent to all of you! Enjoy this season, whatever shape or form it takes in your life.


  1. I love the idea of wrapping the books, maybe we'll do that next year!

  2. What a beautiful Advent wreath! Our wreath is somehow missing...can't imagine where it went. Maybe we'll find it by the second week??? I'm struggling this year with not being able to do the stuff I truly enjoy--look forward to all year, even--due to being sick. Trying to stay positive and enjoy others' preparations, so thank you for the beautiful photos!

  3. beautiful as always. enjoy your Advent.

  4. That is such a great idea! Do you think it would be possible to do that with a Christmas tree?! Ha ha. I love Advent as well. And Lent. And the sacraments…in fact, the older I get, the more I fall in love with our faith and all the tangibility that comes with it. May you have a peace-filled Advent, Charlotte.

  5. I also love Advent, it is hard VERY hard to slow down and prepare. I love that our Faith provides that reminder throughout Advent, keeps me grounded.
    I love your hanging Advent wreath - reminds me of Tasha Tudor!


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