Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Epiphany Pics

 The Battle of Little Naptime has begun. She finally fell asleep an hour later, so I'm not sure who won that battle.
 The pretty frozen fractals on the window made up for the one frozen pipe in the laundry room. It wasn't that bad. Sean was able to clear it in a matter of a few minutes with a heat gun. It's this one outside faucet that we have that is prone to freezing no matter how much we wrap it and cap it. Unfortunately, it's on the same line as my washing machine so when it does freeze, no laundry. 

 A conversation with Herod before making their way to the manger...

Epiphany house blessing followed by some of my husband's amazing chocolate chip cookies. These are the GOLD standard of cookies in this house. And yes, he makes them all by himself, ladies!

And now, I can finally get started taking down all the decorations. Those last few days of Christmas really test my patience. I know you some people encourage you to leave them up until Candlemas but the OCD side of my personality just can't. (We do have a little nativity set that we leave out year round.)


  1. Hey! No fair not posting a gold standard recipe!

    I know what you mean about the decorations. We leave ours up until Epiphany and my fingers are itching all that day to start packing away. This year I'll probably be a bit delayed because of sickness. I took down a couple of creche scenes last night and my 7yo protests, "Hey, what are your doing?!" My 18yo daughter, who knows me by now, reasoned with him that "It wouldn't be special if we kept everything up a long time." Give that girl the last candy cane.

    1. Katherine, he guards is faithfully. I don't even have it! I think he's shared a copy with one of my daughters just in case he's ever unable to make them for us.

  2. I would love that recipe, but can appreciate the guarding of a good one!

  3. The pretty frozen fractals are just lovely. I've never even heard that word before so thank you! Makes me want to look around my windows to see if I have any here. It went above 0 degrees today which is still cold but a blessing. Sorry to hear about frozen pipes...not fun but sounds like a quick fix for your hubby. Epiphany blessings to you Charlotte!

  4. Secret family recipes are the best.


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