Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick Takes on St. Valentine's Day

Joining in for the first time in a long time to Jen's Quick Takes Link Up. I wish I could join in on the Edel excitement and giggling, but not this year. Maybe next year! But I can't wait to see what all those lovely ladies report from it.

Happy Feast of St. Valentine! I made some of my kids' favorite muffins for breakfast and decorated them with some candy heart toppers. I tried to make this beautifully creative pound cake but ended up just covering the bottom of my stove in burnt cake and filling my kitchen with smoke. I think my pan must have been way too small. Oh well, when life hands you busted pound cake, make trifle!

restocked some of the kits in the shop yesterday. St. Therese and St. Elizabeth seem to be the favorites. If you have any requests for a particular saint, feel free to email me here or through Etsy and we can chat about it. I can't make any promises, but I've found myself enjoying the challenge of creating some new ones so I am considering the possibility. I'm also planning to post some completed dolls for sale at the end of next week.

Mary, Queen of Heaven

We discovered that BigBoy had not yet read The Chronicles of Narnia. Whaaaaaaaa???? Tell me that's normal for the younger ones in the family! We took care of it immediately. According to Jessica Spice, I have ruined my children by having them read the books in the wrong order (chronological, not published order), but I'm hoping to set aside enough money to cover their therapy bills someday. ;)

And because Miss Cupcake (also known as Feisty Pants around here) always insists on looking at puppies on the computer, I'm posting these two pictures:
Our dog, Crouton. Technically, she's a Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix. We call her a North American Food Hound.

Crouton's dress up stunt double.

Cupcake calls him, "Puppy Baggins" after our friends' real life dog named Baggins. 


  1. My 10yo on down have not read Narnia either (older two have). It's a crying shame, but *gasp* the oldest just isn't interested and the others are following her lead. I'm definitely going to pull it out as a read aloud soon because I think that will spark the interest. I'll start and just conveniently not have enough time to finish, LOL.

  2. Those are two charming puppies, for sure. :) Also, that Mary Queen of Heaven stitch work is beautiful! Are you following a pattern you made or just free-handing it?

    1. It's a pattern I drew. I like to test a new pattern out before I offer it to anyone else to try.

  3. Love, love, LOVE your Mary Queen of Heaven embroidery!


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