Monday, March 10, 2014

From the sick couch...

Cupcake is getting better but she still has a ton of gunk. BigBoy was still running a low grade fever this morning but I expect it to be gone completely by tomorrow. Shortcake is now starting to get stuffy and drippy. Whatever this little bug is, it fools you into thinking it's fairly mild for the first two days and then knocks you on your backside for days 3 & 4. Then you get to spend days 5 & 6 wondering who in the world sucker punched your eyes and nose while you slept because they won't stop dripping. Hopefully, as the big kids get it, their more substantial immune systems won't take such a beating.

In other news, I am working on restocking the shop this week. I've already added a St. Bernadette doll and plan to add a Bl. John Paul II. Here is a little sneak peek…
Blessed JPII… not Pope Emeritus Benedict… the halo gives it away, right?
If you want to talk to me about a custom order, I added a "Request Custom Order" button in the left side bar of my Etsy shop.


  1. I love these. I already ordered one kit for a daughter's friend. I would like to make a couple of these for each of my kids without a buying a full kit. I think at one time you had the tracing patterns available for download. Do you still? I would gladly pay a download fee for each artwork tracing sheet. Is it a possibility?

    1. I made the original designs available through Scribd but haven't made the new designs available anywhere. I'm not sure about a download fee or selling the digital files. Haven't thought about that. You can still find the old designs on my Scribd account.

    2. Actually, I just looked and it looks like they are gone from Scribd. I wonder if they got archived or accidentally deleted. Let me look into it.

    3. I look forward to what you decide on making them available. :) Thank you!

  2. Oh, yes, please put them back up! I made one for my daughter a few years ago and was hoping to make one for my toddler. I was sad to not find the patterns. Thank you for your beautiful work!


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