Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Scenes 2014

~ Preparation ~

 I painted new Alleluia letters early on Holy Saturday morning. Our old letters were missing an "L". The girls helped decorate some egg shaped cakes. I made this adorable Fake Peep Cake that Cupcake was thoroughly enamored with. 

 My Easter Pashka had a bit of a muffin top look going on. I think I unmolded it too soon in an attempt to decorate it and get the rest of our table set for our guests (some very hungry college boys) without too much fuss. 

~ Easter Morning ~

Not on the side of the highway!
Morning Mass as the Abbey with a quick romp through their bluebonnet patches! 

The flowers in the Mary Garden were in full bloom and even though the priests were drowsy from their Easter Vigil activities (and certainly all had "NAP" scheduled somewhere on their to do list yesterday) they were so joyful and thrilled to see everyone. It used to be that the Vigil Mass was packed to overflowing while the morning Mass was quiet and peaceful. Now it's the reverse. Hmmmmm… maybe next year we'll try the Vigil.

~ Home from Church ~

A whole lotta silliness going on! 

Happy Easter!!!

P.S. You will notice a complete lack of decorated eggs. Turns out, this year, I didn't have any fridge space to make our natural dyed eggs (did you see the part about the hungry college boys coming?). But Easter is a Season, you know… there is still plenty of time!


  1. Happy Easter! Beautiful pictures! I loved seeing them all. The last is my favorite! :)

  2. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, Charlotte!

  3. Happy Easter! Loved your comment about the photo not being taken on the side of the highway. :) Hope you have a wonderful Easter season!

  4. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family! Your pictures are so joyful!!
    Jesus Christ is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!!

  5. I love Cupcake's expression in the last photo. You can tell she's relishing the attention of her older siblings. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks, Karen! She is definitely the Little Queen of this castle!

  6. That last photo is wonderful. Christmas card worthy.


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