Thursday, October 9, 2014

{phfr} Early fall-ish edition

Remember that lovely family that my Sunshine sold gloves for? Well, they have recently been burdened with even more troubles (of the plumbing variety) but if you want to see what the power of prayer and some intercession of the earthly kind can do… check out this little miracle.


~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ with the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter


On Tuesday, I had a splitting sinus headache so we postponed our candy rosary to celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary until yesterday. It still counts, right? In fact, since the whole month of October is dedicated to the rosary, I think you've got until October 31st to make one, if you really want to.

Kendra has been touting the simple and lovely M&M and chocolate chip rosary route. Me? Well, I've got teenage girls who take it upon themselves to create beautiful things. As we've done in years past,  Rain decided to put together a rosary with candies made from white chocolate and candy melts all on her own without any assistance from me so… it doesn't get any easier than that in my book. (OK, I did the dishes for her when she was done, just to say "thank you" for her sweet service to the family.)

My new tortilla press is making everyone happy these days. Corn tortillas are so easy to make! Like Jennifer's family, mine never much cared for corn tortillas, but homemade corn tortillas are a different story. This one was filled with eggs and asparagus. Yum!
We spent a delightful day with some dear friends up at our alma mater last Friday for Family/Alumni Weekend. It was such a fun afternoon watching the kids play and laugh together at the place where our stories both began. Sunshine took this picture just before we headed up to meet Dr. O. for some stargazing. Some of those crazy kids climbed that tower… twice!

One of the day's earlier activities was getting to sit in on some classes. The Professor wanted to see what college classes were like so he and I headed up to campus. Discussing the necessity of Hector's death, Sumerian and Egyptian art and some Latin review… yeah… he was in Heaven! I posted this picture on IG with the caption, "Over 20 years since my last Lit. Trad class and I can't not take notes!" It was true. The paper looks washed out here so you can't see the half page of notes I'd already taken. Old habits die hard.

Knitter or ninja in training? Don't mess with her!
I'm hosting a Mom's Night Out tomorrow night for our homeschooling group and it's a Pumpkin Party! I guess for me, it's a Mom's Night In. Everyone is bringing their favorite pumpkin flavored dish to share. I decided to turn a pie pumpkin into a flower vase for decoration (you can see it up there in the candy rosary picture) and toasted up the seeds... much to the delight of my children. First toasted pumpkin seeds of fall! (Totally ignoring the almost 90 degree temps.)