Monday, October 5, 2015

Last week in pictures

Last week was a week of wonderful feasts and an amazing astronomical event. Here is our week in pictures.

~Super Blood Moon~

Last week was also the beginning of BigBoy's foray into altar serving...
He's the one snuffing out the candle that's twice as tall as he is!
This week is one of my favorite weeks in the liturgical season, but it also sneaks up on me just about every year. This year, Miss Cupcake became aware of feast days and quickly picked up on the concept of special feast day treats. After Michaelmas, she pretty much woke up every day asking what special treat we were making that day. A quick recap...

~Feast of St. Michael~
Blackberry Jam for Michaelmas... the Smuckers turned out to be the favorite in the blind taste test.

~Candy Roses for St. Therese~
OK, this is a real rose. Not candy.

 Candy roses made with her big sis, Rain. 

~Angel Kisses for the Feast of the Guardian Angels~

These are just a simple meringue cookie recipe, not the pepperminty ones I made last year. I made some with M&M's inside and some with crushed peppermint sticks sprinkled on top. 

~Wolf's Paw Cookies for St. Francis~
Left over chocolate chip cookies were turned into Wolf's Paw cookies using some melted chocolate and white chocolate chips. Rain made these to celebrate St. Francis, her Confirmation saint. 
Reading a story about St. Francis with Sunshine 

Cupcake's new glasses came in. She tells me she's seeing better and I'm hoping that the convergence we were seeing will go away. Personally, I think she looks just so darn cute in her glasses. Like a teeny, tiny little librarian. 

Our Lady of the Rosary is coming up this week. If you are looking for some coloring pages, you can find them here