Sunday, February 11, 2007

Honest Abe

To be perfectly honest, I had not planned to do much for Lincoln's birthday or President's Day but when I saw all of Dawn's wonderful ideas I was inspired. Thank you, Dawn! I thought the kids would have a blast eating making the pretzel log cabin.
I cut up a giant size goldfish box that was almost empty (thank you, BigBoy!) and sandwiched the flaps I cut in the bottom in between pieces of cardboard just to make it extra secure. I wrapped the whole thing in tin foil (so that we could keep our materials clean enough to eat later). We talked about log cabins and even made plans to explore the Texas Log Cabin Village once the mercury warms up but before it reaches scorching. Maybe the adventurous Nutmeg and her family will join us.
Here is the finished product. The kids added a little wood pile next to the front door. See the fingers in the bottom left corner? Those little fingers worked hard to get covered in peanut butter! While taking this picture, he kept saying, "Can I eat it now, Mommymom? Can I eat it now?" Snack time can't come soon enough for him (or for Mommymom's nerves). Since all of the school work is done, the children are enjoying The Smithsonian and the Presidency episode from This Is America, Charlie Brown. The Professor has been pouring over Civil War since I brought it home this weekend. I think we will enjoy eating our log cabin while reading The Story of The Gettysburg Address by Kenneth G. Richards along with a steaming mug of kid coffee. Tell me Honest Abe didn't drink coffee as a kid and he grew up just fine!

This just might have to suffice for Coffee, Tea and Thee time since it is shaping up to be a busy week.


  1. We'd love to go!

    And I may have to steal this idea from you...

  2. This looks like so much fun! You are so creative! :)

  3. This turned out great!


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