Monday, February 26, 2007

I just have to wonder... it nature or nurture?

Picture an adorable 2 year old "little man" sitting in the new, (incredibly expensive) big boy car seat we had to buy for him because he is already over the weight and height requirements for all the other ones (yeah, we grow 'em big here in Texas) boppin' his head and lip singing the words to his favorite song from his favorite soundtrack. Route 66.

Not this version.

The rockin' version. Of course!

Where does he get this ability to "rock out" at such a tender young age you ask?

Let's see.....

...from the guy who spent a good portion of his teen years in Seattle just prior to the oh so lovely musical renaissance called "Grunge"......

......or the girl from Texas?

You decide!

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  1. LOL -- hmmm...I wonder where he could have gotten it from. ;) Ha! long as I'm here, please consider yourself tagged for the Lenten meme on my blog.


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