Monday, February 26, 2007

Lenten Meme

Thank you for the tag Angie! This is a very serious meme. I found myself having to really think this one through. (If this was your first, we will definitely have to find a fun one for you soon!)

What is your favorite Sorrowful Mystery?

Oooooh. The Agony in the Garden. I had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment in college that was inspired by this mystery.

What is your favorite Station of the Cross?
I have always been intrigued and perplexed by the meaning of the fifth station, Simon the Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross. What must Simon have felt? What must he have thought? Did he help willingly or was he forced? Was he honored or terrified?

Then again, after watching The Passion of the Christ, Jesus meeting his mother rips my heart out every time!

Do you fast during Lent?
I follow the church's regulations on fasting and abstinence on the appointed days. As far as the other days, I wouldn't call what I do "fasting", but it does involve giving up of unnecessary items.

What is your Lenten Resolution(s)?
In general, as a family, we say the Divine Mercy Chaplet every night. The children have been doing Chores for the Poor to earn money for alms giving and Husband and I have committed some extra money in matching funds. In fact, The Professor found a brochure from Food for the Poor in our most recent copy of Faith and Family. He has convinced the others to try to earn enough money to pay for a water pump for a poor village.
I do have some other resolutions but I am keeping those to myself for now.

Do you use Holy Water during Lent?
We have been using it as we usually do; at church and sometimes right before bed. Shortcake is prone to nightmares, so if she needs an extra blessing Husband will bless the beds and the door frames. We have a lovely holy water font that was given to us when we got married, but I don't keep it filled. I tried for a while, but the water evaporated almost instantly.

How many times do you go to Mass during Lent?
The children and I started off attending Mass on First Fridays about three years ago. Then, during Lent, we made it to Mass every Friday. After Lent we still try to go every Friday, but it doesn't always happen.

Let's see, I will tag Dawn, Margaret and Karen E. if they haven't done it yet and feel so inclined. Anyone else who wants to can consider themselves tagged as well!


  1. Tag has been duly noted. This is a serious, yet, beautiful one. Let me give it some thought.

    And prayer.

    Have a blessed day, Matilda! Thank you for thinking of me!

  2. Thank you for the tag, Matilda. I just put mine up. What a thoughtful meme for the season. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for the tag, Matilda. I'll get on it! :-)


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