Thursday, February 22, 2007

Washington's Cows Birthday

Dawn had some wonderfully yummy ideas cooked up, most of them involving cherries. I was not so fortunate. Nobody likes cherries here but me. Since everyone has given up treats for Lent, I knew that cookies, cobblers and pies were out of the question, but maybe some muffins?


Oh well!

We did check out a video from the library that read D'Aulaire's George Washington for you. Our library didn't have the book or we would have just read it ourselves. But I remembered just before lights out for the kiddos that we had one other George Washington book, not very historical, but definitely funny! If you haven't ever checked out George Washington's Cows by David Small, put it on your next library list. Very clever!

With head in hand, George Washington sighed
And shed a few tears in his tea.

"My cows wear dresses, my pigs wear wigs,

And my sheep are more learned than me..."