Friday, March 30, 2007

Sunflowers Redux

Those BBC links in the post below are gone. I saved the coloring page as a pdf file if anyone wants it. I think Husband can show me how to post it later.

I had also saved this fun coloring booklet in a folder, but didn't remember where it came from. It took a small bit of sleuthing, but I found it. It has information about sunflowers and their seeds, a little geography quiz, a maze, a word search and even a recipe. The main character is Sunny Sunseed. I wasn't too sure about an organization that chooses such a seedy character as their spokesman... and for children! (Tee, hee!) Actually he is one totally far out surfin' seed sporting swim trunks, flip flops and shades. Word of advice... I didn't realize until too late that it should be printed out with page 1 on the front and page 2 on the back, etc....Here is our sunflower craft, with a twist! I traced the picture from the template onto translucent vellum paper. The children each glued tissue paper clumps to the vellum and colored in the stem and leaves. It made a very pretty suncatcher, or at least it will, once the sun comes back out to be caught.

The brightest spot of my day today came when I got to meet in person, an amazingly beautiful friend whose children are every bit as adorable and enjoyable as she says. The day was sunless and gloomy, but she was a bright drop of spring!

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  1. I am not going to assume I know who you met today, but I had a very similar experience. I could have stood on the sidewalk all afternoon chatting with my new friend and her lovely children!


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