Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why is it...

...when I see a dress someone else has sewn for their child I say "It looks adorable!"

Yet when I look at what I have sewn for my child I say
"It looks like a hospital gown!" All right, so it's not really supposed to be a dress. It's just a simple unlined cotton nightgown cut on the bias to allow a little more stretch. She sleeps in the top bunk and it gets a little warm up there in the summertime. The color is kind of dull, certainly not as colorful as the Freshcut designs by Heather Bailey, but Sunshine liked it because it was a Beatrix Potter print and she is delighted by all things Miss Potter right now.See the bunnies?

I am not fishing for compliments here, but maybe some encouragement from fellow sewers, crafters, or artists...ok, how about anyone who has ever made anything at all!!! Sometimes I talk myself out of doing a project (like sewing clothes for my kids) because I see how "homemade" they look. I see all the flaws, wavy seams, uneven gathers, etc...even though other people ooh and ahh over it. I usually tell myself that those people probably don't know anything about sewing because if they did they would surely see all the mistakes too! I know I need to "look on the bright side" more. I do battle daily with that mental dialogue. I never see those things when I look at what others have created, just my stuff.

Any words of wisdom?


  1. I don't sew, but I have to comment anyway.
    That nightgown is adorable. And, most peole don't sew/make their own clothes these days. So, very few "experts" are out there to notice any small mistakes you may make. Most importantly, your children surely appreciate the effort you make and the love you put into the things you make for them.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I do sew (although have no time lately), and I LOVE it! Anything made by Mommy is extra beautiful!

  3. I certainly have no expert advice to offer, but....WOW! I think that nightgown is absolutely precious! I'm still too chicken to even attempt to sew, but I would really, really love to learn. Great job!

  4. Matilda, I always notice my own mistakes too, but I also notice that homemade things last twice as long as store-bought. My peach has a few homemade gowns right now and while I know they have mistakes, they are the most comfortable, favorite gowns she owns. Good job mama..and I love the fabric. It would be my pick!

  5. Awww! It's so CUTE! Love the print! And your little girl likes it? That's all that really matters, right?

  6. Its beautiful! And I'm sure your daughter is so excited and will cherish it forever. Its the love that goes into sewing something that counts, not the flaws. Which by the way I don't see it all. GREAT JOB!

  7. It's beautiful!!! I love it. The fabric is so sweet and lovely.

  8. LOL! I couldn't help laughing about the hsopital gown. You're so funny. But it certainly doesn't look like a gown. From your hands it's very beautiful.

    From my hands it would look like a hospital gown...with a long slit up the front. LOL

  9. Seriously -- this is adorable! I have ZERO sewing abilities, so I am always in awe when people can sew anything. But, really -- this is just too dear! Love it!


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