Wednesday, March 28, 2007

False Garlic

Okay, it's not a very pretty name, but it is better than "Crow Poison" and yes, it looks an awful lot like a weed. But... it is in our Wildflowers of Texas field guide so I am calling it a wildflower.

It says that it is often found in disturbed sites or neglected grasslands so I can't understand why we have it all over the backyard? (drip, drip... do you smell sarcasm?) We have an abundance of these weeds flowers so we took a picture for our wildflower journal and picked some to press. Shortcake was a little sad to see the pretty flowers she picked get squished, but she liked the idea that they would be preserved to look at over and over again. But then we were back to grumpy again when I told her it would take about 3 weeks. Oh well!


  1. Lovely! I just love the blossoms of Spring (whatever their names)!

  2. They do say that "one man's weed is another man's wildflower." Loving this look at Texas wildflowers - nothing much is blooming here yet.

  3. Your picture came out so much better than mine, Mathilda. Mine was blurred.

    I love these little flowers and always think of them in connection to spring.

  4. We have these alllllllllll over around my house (which is in the forested area north of Houston), all down my dirt road, and all over The Woodlands. I think they are delightful! I made a little bouquet of the False Garlic and Purple Helmet the other day for my table and it was so pretty! There's a picture on my blog:
    (sorry I don't know how do to a link!)
    Anyway, the wildflower study sounds so fun! I've been picking all sorts of them around my house, pressing them, and putting them into my own personal nature journal. I love flowers...they give me such joy...they really speak to my heart of God's love, no matter if others think they're weeds!


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