Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bathtub Buonarroti

What does a mommy blogger do when she walks in and sees the guilty two year old, crayon in hand standing proudly next to the evidence of his crime nowhere near bathtime?

She shows him there is more fresh, white canvas available inside the tub and joins him... oh... and she takes pictures! In his defense, he used a bathtub crayon and willingly helped clean up.
And he's awful darn cute!


  1. He certainly is!

    Love the tub crayons...

  2. OOOH!! Where does one get bathtub crayons? Do they clean up easily?

  3. These were found at Target in the toy section. They came with a duck shaped sponge and yes, they clean up very easily. The only caution on the box said that they might stain grout so we only use them on the tub and not the tile. If your grout has been sealed, it might not be a problem.

    They are lots of fun! Especially for mom and dad who like to leave each other little notes on the mirror. (blush)

  4. How fun! I will have to try them out sometime!


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