Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Froggy Fun

All right, it's technically a toad, but Toady Time just wasn't as catchy. Bad pun alert! And speaking of catchy... look what Husband caught in the backyard see, I told you. He usually finds these little guys hopping walking around there this time of the year. Toads walk more than they hop or so I have been told.We brought it in for a little while and named it Rrrr-bert (at Bigboy's insistence) as we have named every other frog and toad that has entered our humble abode. Bigboy really likes frogs. He has a stuffed one named... well, Rrrr-bert who every so often can be found sporting a red handkerchief cape. On these occasions he is Super Rrrr-bert.

He's got a very dirty face,
And very shining eyes!
He sometimes comes and sits indoors;
He looks- and p'r'aps is- wise

But in a sunny flower-bed
He has his fixed abode;
He eats the things that eat my plants-
He is friendly TOAD.
~ from A Friend in the Garden by Juliana Horatia Ewing

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