Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Egg-cellent Fun!

Want to play a little game? Grab the kids!

Try to guess which foods made the eggs turn the color they are. I will post the answers in the combox so don't click on the comments until you have finished guessing.

Here are your choices:
coffee, yellow onion skins, raspberries, blueberries, red cabbage leaves, red onion skins, and turmeric

Since everyone's computers are a little different, here are the colors we see starting with the top, moving clockwise and ending with the middle:
1. dark blue
2. blue-grey with greenish lines
3. golden yellow
4. pink
5. tan
6. & 7. dark purple-speckled
8. dark brown
9. red orange
the last one is another dark blue
The two speckled ones are from the same dye batch. The two dark blue eggs were also dyed together even though one has a spot that looks very green but the other doesn't.

Number 2 was wrapped in one of the items listed above and boiled in plain water instead of a dye bath. You can try to guess what it was wrapped in. If you need a hint, take a look at this post below.

Have fun and tell me how you do!


  1. 1.(&10) Red cabbage
    2. Wrapped in a red cabbage leaf
    3. Turmeric
    4. Raspberries
    5. Coffee
    6.& 7. Blueberries
    8. Red onion skins
    9. Yellow onion skins

    I couldn’t believe that the onion skins changed color so dramatically.

    The red onion egg started out green, but the longer it boiled the more it looked like chocolate. When I rubbed it with some olive oil it looked like polished mahogany.

    The yellow onion dye was so orange, I thought I had done something wrong. Well shut my mouth and call me Thomas!

  2. Matilda, those are amazing!!!!! Gorgeous!!!(How did I miss your original post on this? Darn those bloglines!)I am definitely putting this on the list for next year.
    Oh, I got them right except I mixed up 3 and 9.

  3. Wow. I took one look at that red-orange egg and thought, "How in the world?"

    I would have NEVER guessed onion skins.

    These are incredible, Matilda! Isn't God's great world something else?

  4. Silly question but it begs asking: are the eggs edible or have they boiled into hard little rubbery balls?

    I hope you're displaying these somewhere...like, on the pages of Martha Stewart's magazine? :)

  5. I only boiled them for 10-15 min. but them let some of them sit in the dye bath over night in the fridge. We don't mess around with salmonella!

    We probably won't eat these because I did let the eggs sit out at room temperature before boiling them to supposedly reduce the possibility of cracking. Next year, I don't think I will worry about the room temperature thing since I regularly through eggs into the pot straight from the fridge anyway without too many disasters.

    And I didn't think to make the dye baths ahead of time so the eggs actually sat out for a pretty long time in my book.

    As far as whether or not you can eat vegetable dyed eggs, absolutely! I have a recipe for tea stained eggs that are very yummy!

    If Martha calls, I'll let you know! : )

  6. Those are gorgeous. I love the marbley ones.

  7. Oh my goodness. Those are the most amazing eggs I've ever seen. I'm tempted to make a whole new batch just to share the experience with my kids! Next year...DEFINITELY!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I know what we're doing for Easter next year! What fun! My kids had a contest to see how many they could guess correctly. We all failed pretty miserably.

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!

  9. These are just gorgeous! Such rich tones! You have inspired me!

  10. What a great science AND art lesson! They make my Paas eggs blush with embarassment. Gorgeous.

  11. Hey, we love Paas too! The children made tie dyed eggs this year while they were waiting for these to finish (they did take an awfully long time!) Next year, I will make the dye baths earlier in the week to save time.

    Please forgive any and all grammar/spelling/typing errors up above. I am working on about 2 hours of sleep. (BigBoy has a stomach bug!) Trying to type with one hand and keep my eyes propped open with the other is very difficult.

  12. WOW!

    Love how vivid those colors are!

    Great job!

  13. They are truly beautiful.

  14. Oh How Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that! We will try this next year....I didn't convince anyone to try it last night when I saw them :( It could be because we are still eating egg salad sandwiches!
    We used the Paas this year and hubby and dd got real creative with the wax designs. I implimented the PERMANENT MARKER, writing an Easter message on some.

    Happy Easter

  15. These are absolutely beautiful, Matilda! If I had known about this post I would have included it in the Loveliness of Easter Fair. If I get a chance, maybe I'll add this in if that's okay.


  16. I am so glad I found this post (through Elizabeth Foss). We live in Japan, and can't get the store bought stuff except from one company, and I didn't order it in time. Now we can still have beautiful Easter eggs! Thanks so much for sharing this idea!


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