Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy St. George's Day!

We have been fans of St. George ever since The Professor could hold a sword. We have found many ways to celebrate his feast day in the past. Our favorite celebration by far was hosting a father/son St. George's Party about 6 years ago (wasn't it just yesterday?). We invited some friends and their dads, grilled outside, and made St. George's shields out of paper plates and red streamers. We even had our own dragon to slay.
Look how tiny The Professor was back then!

I would love to host a St. George's Party again, maybe next year when BigBoy isn't as likely to be afraid of the dragon. This year, I just whipped up this little dragon cake (seriously I was going for fun, not fancy). It took me less than an hour to decorate once I had it assembled which was maybe another 30 minutes. Isn't he cute? It is really hard to make frosting look ferocious!
We will be hacking him to pieces later today when we have Coffee, Tea and Thee time (maybe with some English Tea?) while we read our Catholic Mosaic book St. George and the Dragon.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I'm positive it was just yesterday.


    I can't believe how little the boys look!

    And, your dragon looks scrumptious. Will you let them use real swords to cut the cake with??


  2. there is an idea! Maybe I could make some butter knifes look like swords?

    Thanks for the idea! I wondered if you would recognize your two little dragon slayers, and your hubby!

  3. I love your cake -- you might have to share exactly how you did that!


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