Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm sorry.

Regarding the post below, please allow me to explain.
When I said I whipped up the slap-dash dragon cake I did not intend to be self-deprecating or proud. Oh, I just threw this little ole 12 course meal together complete with table decorations and pressed linens and I don't know why you can't do the same! What I meant to say was that for me, this was a last minute, stick it together kind of cake. It wasn't my intention to come off sounding snotty. My culinary failings are too numerous to mention. Trust me!

Throwing it together meant using what I had on hand or could get quickly and not allowing myself to over think it. A box mix I had in the pantry, a package of ding-dongs Husband brought home from the store along with canned frosting and food coloring. I didn't spend hours researching it or drawing up designs. It didn't consume me. I was able to find basic cutting instructions in a kid's party book on my bookshelf and (most importantly for me) was able to tell the random perfectionist inside to "hush up and go to bed" long enough to let me slather instead of meticulously pipe. I was proud of this cake, not because it was a work of art but because I didn't let that nagging voice talk me out of doing it (well if you can't do it the right way why even try) and I didn't let all of the mistakes that only I saw ruin the fun I had making it or the joy with which my kids devoured it.
He didn't stand a chance!


  1. We all have our talents. One person's "whipped up" creation seems extremely difficult to another. I don't think you were being proud; I think you were being honest, and I marvel at your talent! Congratulations on letting go and having fun without stressing over perfection!

  2. You did such an awesome job on your cake!

    It's extinct!


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