Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Busy Bees

I know the feast of St. Joseph the Worker was last week but we have been buzzing around here with enough creative work to put the bees to shame.

To the M.I.S.C.R.E.A.N.T.S of the blog world... don't hate me because I'm crafty! Please.

Shortcake sewed this doggy door hanger with minimal help from me (making knots and that stuff). It has a pocket in the front for leaving little notes.

Sunshine is almost halfway done with her first latch hook kit that she was just starting here.

The Professor's history text asked him to make a *model of a Viking ship. Here is his version made out of Sculpey. This was our first "fun with Sculpey " session and I think we might be hooked!

Monkey see, monkey do.
What Big Brother does,
Little Brother must too!

This was my fun craft. What to do with blue jeans that have gone weak in the knees? Make a little bag! I opted to roll the top instead of fringing it and made the handle a little thicker and shorter to fit the girls better. After painting some Showy Primroses (aka Buttercups), the girls have claimed it as their wildflower hunting bag complete with field guides and mini binoculars. I want to add a buttonhole to the top if only to learn how to use that feature on my new sewing machine.

*(aside) Have you seen the amazing ( & free) paper craft downloads from Canon. The Professor wants to tackle this project next. Might make an interesting summer project! I am always looking for things to do during those sweltering summer months. I have a feeling this website will be receiving many hits from us come June, July and August!


  1. Cute crafts. I love the Viking ships and the denim bag.

  2. Great crafts. And those downloads are cool! Do you have to print the pieces or do you use colored paper?

  3. I think you are supposed to print them out on plain paper as the downloaded pages are in color. We haven't started one yet, so I need to look into whether or not you have to use cardstock or printer paper.

  4. God did not make you a M.I.S.C.R.E.A.N.T.! You use the talents He gave you and your family (and blog readers) are so very blessed by your creativity. May Good St. Joseph continue to bless you all!


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