Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Week

A wonderful friend of mine who risks personal safety and sanity teaching at an inner city elementary school in the largest I.S.D. in our area called me last night to wish me a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

Speechless was I...over words fumbling my.

It shouldn't have surprised me, really. Never in ten years of friendship has she ever questioned our decision to home school and I can't tell you how much her encouraging support has meant to me. She has always been a great friend and even cheerleader at times. (She is also the first person I call when the kids are sick. All I have to say is "Tell me what's out there in the wild?" and I can diagnose my children's maladies without ever needing to call the pediatrician plus I learn what symptoms they will present and how long before they are back to normal.)

She made me promise to do my part to alert the homeschooling mommies of the blog world to this celebratory week so I am fulfilling that promise because I love her but also because I thought everyone else might get a kick out of hearing it from her, "Mother's Day is coming up, but you girls do both jobs. You should be celebrated!"

She made sure that Husband knew that her PTA has made this week special by surprising them in little ways every day (Diet Cokes, candy bars, decorations) and even arranged for a catered dinner on Friday. According to her, all homeschooling moms should be receiving little treasures from their families (extra hugs, kisses, Toffee Nut Lattes) and should get dinner served to them, kitchen-duty free at least one night this week.

How can I refuse?

She told my principal about it and I really shouldn't argue with him! : )


  1. Thanks for sharing that - what a terrific friend! :)

  2. Thanks for that note! I often doubt that I have truly earned the title of teacher, I think simply because I don't teach to 25 students. But, I guess I know in my heart than I work and plan for two grades and I certainly spend my entire day at it! God bless you, Matilda.

  3. Thanks, Matilda!! I knew Teacher Appreciation was sometime, but North Carolina is alittle backwards. Too bad my principal of our school is actually in Houston this week! I only teach 2 students, but sometimes I feel like more of a ref than a teacher with all the competition around here!
    Climbing along without appreciation!

  4. Hi ebeth!

    Don't you dare say you "only teach two students"! The numbers don't always make a difference. You probably do more for your 2 than I do for my 4 just because you are doing it in NC which is a very intrusive state when it comes to homeschooling.

    Texas is much more "hands-off".

    Hang in there until your husband returns. A job that requires travel is an incredible burden on a family!


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