Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time for some highlights?

Shortcake comes into our room after both girls have already been kissed and tucked: Ummm...Sunshine doesn't want me to tell you this but I think you should know that she is very sad and crying.

Me: Why is she sad?

Shortcake: Well, she doesn't think you'll ever have another baby in your tummy.

Me: (perplexed, trying to get a bearing on left field) What makes her think that?

Shortcake: Well, I asked her and she have too many gray hairs on your head.

Question: Which to do her the story of St. Elizabeth or burst into tears because she thinks I'm ancient? Can I do both at the same time?

We did have a conversation about how gray hair doesn't mean someone is too old to have a baby or even "old" at all, how my aunt was completely gray by the age of 27, what mommy's real age is (32, thankyouverymuch!) and that God is so amazing that even those who thought they were old (though nowhere near it) have felt the springtime of life again by his blessings!

Now. . . off to the beauty shop.


  1. Don't feel bad! Kids sometimes have such a skewed sense of age, and such a willingness to tell you all about their thoughts. LOL

  2. 2 words: L’Oréal Féria.

    I use it all the time.

    PS. The poem that I'm posting tomorrow is just for us! ;)

  3. HA!! I have a gray streak in the front (imagine Munster Lily) that's I've had since high school!! Gray means nothing!! So why do I part my hair on the opposite side to hide?

  4. I was worried she would think it was because BigBoy wasn't good-looking enough! ;-D

  5. Too funny! I love the honesty of kids. My oldest is always telling me she thinks I have a baby in my tummy--but that is just wishful thinking on her part. :)


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