Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mom's Night Out

We had a Mom's Night Out the other night with the moms from the new homeschooling group in our area. I enjoyed visiting with some friends I had already met and with some friends I hadn't met yet. The conversations ran from education philosophies to OB/GYNs to the best kids resale shops, you know...the usual subjects when you get a group of Teacher Mommies together. But one topic of conversation came up that surprised me a little... blogs. Not sure why! Seems like everyone is doing it these days.

In this group of 10 women sipping lattes and letting their hair down (because there were no kids to pull on it) 3 of us admitted to having blogs. The other two were brave enough to actually name theirs. I was the only coward. (See...I am a little shy even IRL.) I did let it slip that I had joined the Catholic Mother's Online list only after one of the other mommy bloggers mentioned she had recently signed up.

This lady is a very spunky lady who has tackled such challenges as infertility, a job that requires her husband to travel (I don't know how you do it!), camping with children (again...don't know how you do it!) and a broken washer and dryer... after the camping, no less! Most days she spends her time tackling the three adorable boys God has blessed her with who may not have been made by her, but were definitely made for her!!

She said she was going to hunt me down through the Catholic Mother's list and knowing her the little bit that I do, I am sure she will do it. So now it is just a matter of time until she finds me and the fun of getting to know her better!


  1. Ha ha ha ha.... I totally found you :-). You are too cool for school, not to worry I won't your little secret out :). Think of it this way, now that I have sign your comments you know where I am on the net!

  2. I knew you would, but record time I think!

  3. I know the lady in question and am not surprised to see she has already found you. The Catholic blogging world in our neck of the woods is small indeed. I'm inspired by all you homeschooling moms--but not enough to take the plunge myself, not yet! Sounds like you had fun and I know the encouragement you give each other will be priceless.

  4. Matilda,

    I aim to please... and of course I was intrigued... but hey, I haven't posted your link specifically on my blog to try and preserve your secrecy :> I can understand not wanting everyone to know, so I won't spill the beans on my site... and I won't post the link in the message group... I will let you do that if you so choose! But I think it is a great blog and others might really enjoy it as well!

  5. I might be pushing your shyness to much by saying I've tagged you for a meme! Only if you are up to it, the instructions are on my blog!

    Shy?....I could imagine this Waltzing Matilda could dance on a table at a party if, only joking!!!


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