Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Birthday Recap

I had a terrible headache yesterday which prevented me from posting more about the wonderful birthday celebrations that my family planned. We started our day with Mass which was great. The story of St. John's birth is one of my favorites. My father was raised Southern Baptist. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were all Baptist preachers. I know that (other than the name) there is no connection between St. John the Baptists and Southern Baptists, but whenever I hear the stories of St. John, I can't help thinking of my beloved grandfather (called "Pawpaw") whose memory always makes me smile and tear up a little.

So after Mass, we picked up some breakfast treats and a yummy dessert for later. Husband doesn't let me cook on my birthday although I think I might consider the grasshopper pie for next year (in honor of St. John) since it is supposed to be made the day before. Then again, he has always offered to make anything I want, so maybe I will give him the recipe to try. : )

After breakfast, we headed to the movie theater and enjoyed too many belly laughs to count. Let me just say, we almost never go to the movies! The last movie we saw with the children was Cars and before that, it was Jonah. I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my home where I can hit the pause button for a potty break or the scan button if I missed something which seems to happen a lot, plus... I am a "special features" nut. Love them!!!. I think what made this birthday outing so enjoyable was the uniqueness of the experience. We had it on excellent authority that this movie would not offend our sensibilities, could be enjoyed by all members of the family and treated the subject of religion with complete respect. What's not to like?

After the movie we headed home where I was showered with the best homemade cards ever and more thoughtful gifts than I deserve. One item I specifically requested was absent but only because the postal service didn't want to cooperate but it arrived yesterday (yeah!). I love my new calendar and can't wait until August to begin using it. It sounds odd, but this calendar begins with August 2007 and has lots of room for writing notes each day. I write everything on my calendar-- freakish, really. Husband had picked out some unusual kitchen gadgets which are always fun but I was most excited about this special gift:Can't wait to savor it and enjoy it as I know I will. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. It was a lovely day!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it - I read every post on Google Reader but usually am interrupted before clicking over.

  2. Hi, Waltzing Matilda! That's one of my favorite songs to play on the guitar.:)

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Like you, I can't wait to see Miss Potter!


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