Saturday, June 2, 2007

Get ready for gorgeous!

Am I not here, who is your Mother?
The Our Lady of Guadalupe roses we planted back at the end of April burst forth with color and beauty on the very last day of May, the month of Our Blessed Mother.
Coincidence? I think not.


  1. I love the progression of the bloom! Such a lovely pink color as well. So beautiful! A special message from our lady to your home, I believe!

  2. Beautiful!

    I just tagged you for a meme, Matilda.

  3. They are beautiful photo' Our Lady of Guadalupe rose, that would be a beautiful rose to have in a Mary garden. Your right! No coincidence!!!

  4. You were jealous over at my blog?? I am jealous of these photos!! You have an unerring eye for beauty, Matilda, as well as the gift (and it is a gift) for sharing it.

  5. That is a lovely rose. How fitting!

  6. Beautiful, Matilda! Very special rose indeed!


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