Monday, July 2, 2007


How to make a last minute Baptism gift.

  1. Make sure you place the order for your desired gift well in advance of the momentous day and specify that you need the gift no later than the Friday before.
  2. When the package doesn't arrive, call the company and get them to promise to Fed-Ex you another one. Don't forget to stress that the gift must be here in 6 days, no later!
  3. Wait.
  4. Repeat #3.
  5. When the Fed-Ex truck passes your house Friday afternoon, press your nose to the glass and sigh as it rolls on by without even flashing the brake lights.
  6. Wait till Husband comes home and make a mad dash to the craft store to pick up a frame with mat, some ribbon and a paint pen. It makes it more fun if you are also racing against the clouds threatening to drench you the minute you step out of your car. In this case, the clouds won!
  7. Find a picture of the child's name saint and thank the dear Lord that the parents didn't choose some weird name like Zeverai Alera. (Although I guess you could always choose the baby's birthday saint or baptism day saint.)
  8. Write the saint's name on the picture mat and "pray for me" underneath it. Be sure you don't center the name on the mat for a more hurried homemade feel!
  9. Attach the ribbon to the inside of the frame using staples, glue, or a combination of both. (Don't forget to hope that the parents never try to remove the backing!)
  10. Wrap in a pretty paper and be thankful that the parents waited to open the gifts after everyone had left. Whew!


  1. How beautiful! What a lovely keepsake!

  2. What a GREAT idea! I can't wait to be invited to a baptism now!

  3. Oh that is beautiful and so thoughtful! Great job!!!

  4. Wonderful! I just got a beautiful print of St. Anne (dd's middle name) and will do this for her. I love to copy creative folk like you!



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