Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I love it when the unplanned comes together!

Yesterday, thanks to the amazing ladies at the 4Real Forum, I ransacked my craft closets to see if I had the materials to make these cute crayon pouches. We are going to be doing some activities this year that might require us to travel with our art supplies, but frankly... these things are so cute, I would have made them even if we weren't!

I had everything I needed to make one for each kiddo and even materials to makes some pencil pouches too. Later. Husband informed me too late that the boy pouches were the same color scheme as the Denver Broncos. Do you think he's ready for some football or what?

Tonight I am getting to spend a few hours with my dear friend and some other awesome homeschooling moms at a coffee shop. Yeah... no kids, good friends and coffee!! I'm spoiled, I admit it.

Since us girls were going to be "out on the town", the guys and kids decided to gather at our house. I wanted to make some snacks to keep the natives from getting too restless. Hmmmm... (cue the MacGyver theme song) Hadn't planned for this. Do I have anything to whip up?

A box of Rice Chex (that I mistaken bought the last time I made Puppy Chow for the kids... I prefer Crispix for that recipe) some chow mein noodles and a half a bag of broken pretzels and viola! The first batch was the standard version... worchestershire sauce, garlic powder, butter, seasoned salt. The second batch was my own creation... butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, honey and sprinkled with turbinado sugar on top.

The kids should have fun playing and munching. The guys should be able to keep the volume down to a dull roar. I have been informed that the men will be setting up their fantasy football teams. Could September get here any sooner? Pleeeeeease!


  1. Those are cool. I'm impressed!

  2. Very COOL! crayon pouches (and I love the scissors tucked in too!) ... the snacks sound yummy. How did they go over?

  3. Pretty well. The sweet batch was the favorite of course, but my kids told me they would eat the salty batch for snack time today!

  4. I love the crayon pouches! I so wish I was handy like that.

    And I just have to say...I clicked over to the recipe for Puppy Chow (because how could I not, with a name like that?) and oh my goodness. I made a batch tonight and it is SO GOOD! Thanks for linking to it, the two snackes you made sound yummy, too! We're taking a weekend trip in a couple of days...I'm thinking munchies for the road! :)

  5. I am so inspired by your pouches. Wow! I think I might have a go myself.
    Puppy Chow!!!! Are you sure that it is edible???


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