Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yesterday's Playdoh Fun

BigBoy says... Mama, look what I made.
Is this some kind of Rorschach test?

It's a purple kangaroo!
Really! Can you see the purple kangaroo?
The Professor imagined these Lego guys in a daring, do or die boat race in the rapids. Apparently the guy in the red boat (also dubbed The Professor) had a run in with a rock on the last leg of the race and cracked his boat in half. He had to finish the race with the guy in the peach colored boat behind him who was safe because of the battering ram attached to the front of his boat. Ouch.

Shortcake opened her salon to all of the Playdoh customers. I think she was inspired by Mom's recent foray back into the hair cutting business for my littlest customer (BigBoy). I don't know where she got this idea though. I never cut hair on the stove. Honest.


  1. I can see where he would see a kangaroo. But, seriously -- isn't it a dolphin?

  2. Too cute, and I'm SURE you've never cuthair on the stove ;) We have that identical playdoh stove, do you have the little cookie insets that go with it?? Fun!

  3. Oh yes, Angie. It is a dolphin! To my knowledge we had no kangaroo cookie cutter which is why I was very confused when he showed it to me and insisted it was a purple kangaroo!

    We do have the cookie inserts. Yesterday's day of fun was inspired by the new Veggie Tales Barber Shop set that they had received as a gift. I think that's why the stove was converted to a stylist's chair. That's actually Laura the Carrot in the "hot seat".

  4. I do see the kangaroo. Is that good or bad?

  5. Oh, I LOVED those play-dough hair growing things as a kid.


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