Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mid-summer Reading Update

It might be a bit too late to call it "mid-summer" but its my blog and I make the rules titles around here!

I wanted to update our original Summer Reading list with some more titles we have discovered for the children and also, a list of what Husband and I are reading too. (Original list in yellow.)

The Professor, age 9:
Hans Brinker (Great book when it is 100 degrees outside!)
Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide (this kid has always loved non-fiction!)
The Encyclopedia of the Corvette
The Sinister Signpost
The Phantom Tollbooth
If All the Swords in England
Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator
Legend of Luke
By the Great Horn Spoon
The Penderwicks
The Incredible Journey
The Great Brain Series
Conquests of Invention
The Bellmaker
The Happy Hollisters

Sunshine, age 8:
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Sleeping Dog
Raggedy Ann Stories
Pascual and the Kitchen Angels
Fannie in the Kitchen (What a fun book!)
The Case of the Garbage Monster from Outer Space #32
Cam Jansen Mysteries
Hi-Jinks Joins the Bears
The Wind in the Willows
King David and His Songs
St. Therese and the Roses
The Boxcar Children
Children Everywhere
An Alphabet of Saints
Little House in the Highlands (the original, unmutilated unabridged version)

Shortcake, age 6 (doing some reading but also being read to):
Faded Love #5
The Horse in Harry's Room
lots of Biscuit books
Young Cam Jansen Mysteries (audiobooks from the library)
Many Moons
Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?
It's Raining Pigs and Noodles

My List:
Real Learning
Mom to Mom
The Belgariad (Husband remembers reading this in his youth and wanted to share.)
The Kitchen Madonna
Letters to Children from Beatrix Potter

Husband's List:
Amazing Resumes
Same Day Resumes (sensing a theme?)

On hold at the library:
Caddie Woodlawn
Thimble Summer

The girls are pretty set. Any other suggestions for the boys?


  1. Would "Children of the New Forest" be too advanced for your older son? I read it when I was his age, and the boys in the book do get the most interesting events so I think of it as a boy's book.

  2. What a great list!

    Thanks for sharing it with the Loveliness of Summer Reading. Here's the link: Great post! Here is the Loveliness of Summer Reading fair! :)


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