Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Holy Day to You!

Tears glistened in their shining eyes,
As on May fields the morning dew,
The Seraphim attentive stood
Till silently "The Twelve" withdrew.

Enraptured choirs of angels sang,
Bearing their Queen through realms of space,
And lauded at the Starry Throne
The glorious gladness of God's face!

Father and Son and Spouse rejoiced
That Mary Queen of Heaven should reign!...
And Thomas saw white roses bloom
Within the tomb where She had lain.
Rev. Paul A. Stauder, S.J. The Magnificat, August 1942

These are the most blooms we have had yet from the Our Lady of Guadalupe rose bush. My grandmother raised roses for years and years. She didn't believe in coincidences and neither do I.


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