Saturday, August 25, 2007

Margaret asked...

1) Was it really intentional?

Yes it was and I was so proud of myself. The Professor asked, "How much force do you think it would take to burst this ketchup pack and what would it do?" My first response would have been... How should I know? Don't you dare. It will make a huge mess. But before those words came flying out of my mouth, the Holy Spirit must have swooped in. I said, "Well, let's find out." We put it in the bathtub and each took turns stepping on it.

Biggest lessons learned: A skinny, lanky 9 year old boy doesn't have as much "force" as his more solid 8 year old sister... AND... close the shower curtain if you don't want ketchup on your ceiling.

2) Do you really do a Yorkshire accent?

I try to do some kind of accent whenever it's called for. Can't say if it's really Yorkshire or just a sad combination of Scotty meets Grover.


  1. Oh, you just wait until he (and his siblings) want to start blowing things up! That's when the fun begins! My brother-in-law turned his son's desire for explosions into a lifelong love affair with rocketry. Nephew has his Masters in Physics, and works for...NASA!

    Way to go, Science-promoting Mommy!

  2. Thanks for making me smile. :)

  3. You'll have to try the rice/mold experiment next! The sad thing is, I was the only one who thought the different colors of mold were amazing and interesting--the girls' reaction was "ewwwwww!"

    (Of course, maybe it would have been different if we'd been trying to make moldy rice on purpose...)


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