Friday, August 24, 2007

If I told you this was intentional...

... does it count for science?

Actually, our first week back at the learning table has gone very well. We are still trying to nudge ourselves into an earlier schedule, but that is so hard to do when light is still poking through the curtains at nine o'clock. Fall cannot come soon enough for me I tell ya! What makes me green with envy right now? Reading this in a sweet lady's side bar:
Summer is winding down. The mornings are downright chilly, and smack of September. I LOVE it!
Oh to be able to use the word "chilly" right now.

Don't get me wrong... we are enjoying this tepid summer. The kids have been splashing in the snap together pool just about every day. Husband comes home and takes them outside and I get to prepare dinner in peace (although not quiet since the whole neighborhood can hear their squeals of delight). But I am a spring and fall kind of gal. Heck, I'll even take winter if it is a nice, mild Texas winter.

Well, it is the last day of our first week and we are off to Mass. I have to brush up on my Yorkshire as I am sure more than a few chapters of The Secret Garden will be requested today. Movie night tonight is Anne of Green Gables and a special request has been made for homemade popcorn and puppy chow. What are your favorite movie and snack combinations?

It's Friday. Make it a fun day!


  1. Plain old salted popcorn (homemade, not microwave). Last night we watched Glory Road -- a really good movie, even if it was a guy movie. Pretty clean, though -- although mature themes for 1960s style racism. Was a good learning movie for my older guys.

  2. It looks like a great setup - and a fun night. We don't do enough movie nights like that. Hmmm.

  3. Favorite movie? I love comedies and tear-jerkers. Favorite movie snack? Popcorn (homemade) with butter and salt. After it has cooled down for a few minutes, I add plaim m&m's. YUMMY!!!

  4. Movie night sounds lovely. I will have to find some nice "family" ones.

    I am not a big popcorn girl, but I do enjoy the occasional kettle corn.

    Give me something sweet ... a chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, or a bowl of ice cream.

  5. Okay, was that ketchup really intentional? On your part or on the part of your oldest son?

    And do you really do a Yorkshire accent? I love a good improvised accent at story time; I'm successful (or not) depending on my mood and/or energy level.

    Favorite movie/snack combo: caramel popcorn for sure and anything family friendly. (Though I did show the kids my favorite scene from Truly Madly Deeply where the guy stands up in the restaurant and pulls a bird out of his sleeve. They're still quoting him! "Nothing up my sleeve...except a bit of gravy...yum...")

  6. Fave snack - graham crackers and milk. Fave tube time: OIRIGNAL STAR TREK!!!!! Oh yeah, and Horatio Hornblower (w/ Ioann Gryffud), which I highly recommend once the kids are young teens, esp for boys. Has a lot of swashbuckling, battle violence, but oh, the moral lessons...

  7. Does it count for science if it is Go-gurt squeezed on the kitchen ceiling by a 9 year old, unintentionally, and not noticed by mother until it was dried on???


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